Paid Courses

CPD Kettlebell Instructor

0 Lessons in £250.00

Kettlebells are fantastic for functional training, fat loss programmes, hypertrophy and fitness gains. We will teach you the science behind Kettlebell training as well as how to apply it into programmes. Learn the biomechanics of using the Kettlebell for your training, the benefits of Kettlebell training over other systems, and the foundation Kettlebell drills. If you want to expand your Personal Training Sessions, Offer Specific Strength & Conditioning Programmes, Want to Deliver Group Kettlebell Sessions – then THIS COURSE WILL DELIVER. ________________________________________________

CPD Olympic Weightlifting Instructor

0 Lessons in £250.00

This course will teach you the history, benefits, terminology and correct techniques of the Olympic lifts and variations. You will learn how to gradually develop your client’s athleticism and speed, strength using this form of training, and how to test and implement a sound resistance training programme. You will understand the terminology associated with Olympic Lifts, modified lifts and the 'Pulls'. You will learn the safety considerations associated with Olympic Lifting and any Contraindications. You will learn how to modify the main lifts for everyday people (Non Athletes) There are assessments associated with this course. _____________________________________________

CPD Nutrition Concepts

0 Lessons in £250.00

This detailed course covers all of the key components to deliver ‘Weight Management’ programmes with your clients, students or yourself. It covers many facets of fat loss & the weight management techniques from various experts. This course has been designed and developed over the past 5 years to provide the most comprehensive information on effective fat loss and weight management. We discuss monitoring body composition changes, effective resistance training and CV training protocols, potential barriers and optimal dietary recommendations to achieve optimum fat loss for an individual. _______________________________________________

CPD Core Conditioning Instructor Course

0 Lessons in £250.00

Core training is one of the most interesting areas of research in our industry, and with so many theories of the 'best way' to train our core muscles it can be confusing to differentiate fact from fiction. This course will cover how to integrate many of these different methodlogies into a comprehensive, progressive and effective core training programme for any sport. We look at the following on this course: * Core anatomy of the core * Theories of core training * Core Assessments and screening for potential issues * Optimal core stability scores * Bodyweight Core training * Core training with unstable surfaces * Core training with weights * Dynamic core training * Over a hundred variations of core exercises _____________________________________________

CPD Advanced Padwork

0 Lessons in £250.00

This course will teach you how apply mixed-martial arts (MMA) drills can be used to develop fitness in a non-combative environment. You will also learn the correct techniques for a variety of strikes from Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Shoot fighting and how to link these up into combinations to improve fitness using a range of strike pads. Great for training in the gym or at home, you will be able to correctly and safely teach and supervise these skills in a one-to-one training environment. NO Martial Arts experience is necessary. We will teach you the fundamentals in Punching, Kicking, Knee Striking and Elbow Striking. We will teach the theory of taking an opponent to the ground and what to do when they are down there. All safe, No contact whatsoever, just a fun enjoyable, effective training course for maximum output in the functional movement pattern of striking. _______________________________________________

CPD Advanced Circuit Training

0 Lessons in £250.00

Advanced, Extreme Circuit Training is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of group exercise or one‐on‐one training, utilizing exercises and movements patterns from Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell training, gymnastics parkour and unconventional training in a HIIT format Using bodyweight exercises and limited equipment, Extreme Circuits can be used with groups or individuals to achieve improved cardiovascular fitness, functional strength and endurance, mobility and agility through a variety of intense training protocols. This type of training will provide results for most individuals, through challenging and demanding sessions. Not for the faint‐hearted, but enjoyed by many; if the development of warrior mentality and an athletic body is the goal, then this is the way to achieve it. This course will allow you understand the principles and benefits of Extreme Training and how to apply them into your PT sessions or group classes. ______________________________________________

CPD Functional Training Instructor

5 Lessons in £250.00

This course will show you how to achieve a clear understanding of what ‘functional training’ truly means. You will find that defining Functional Training is actually very simple.   In addition to that, we include play time with a variety of equipment that are being used more and more for truly functional training such as Dumbbells, Barbells, Powerbags/Sandbags, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and Suspension Systems.   Learn the top rules of functional training, the 9 key human movement patterns, how to correctly use them and how to programme with varied types of equipment for delivering safe, effective, interesting & challenging PT sessions.