CPD Advanced Padwork

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This course will teach you how apply mixed-martial arts (MMA) drills can be used to develop fitness in a non-combative environment. You will also learn the correct techniques for a variety of strikes from Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Shoot fighting and how to link these up into combinations to improve fitness using a range of strike pads. Great for training in the gym or at home, you will be able to correctly and safely teach and supervise these skills in a one-to-one training environment. NO Martial Arts experience is necessary. We will teach you the fundamentals in Punching, Kicking, Knee Striking and Elbow Striking. We will teach the theory of taking an opponent to the ground and what to do when they are down there. All safe, No contact whatsoever, just a fun enjoyable, effective training course for maximum output in the functional movement pattern of striking. _______________________________________________