Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme – Official (1-2-1)

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This is a unique opportunity that is just for Women. What ever your age or body type, weather you’re a gym junkie or have never trained before, this programme is for you. Join our programme and we will take you on a journey where you will learn amazing Martial Art's skills, improve your fitness and body shape, make a whole bunch of new friends, decrease your stress levels, increase your energy levels, feel great, look great and so much more. Become a registered, Pink Belt Kickboxer!! This is also cool because it's endorsed by one of the best Kickboxing associations in the world AND we donate to charity with every purchase.


PinkBelt Registration & Introduction

Hello! Welcome to the Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme. We hope that you enjoy the next 12 weeks or so of learning, practicing, making friends, getting fit, getting lean, sculpting you a new body and basically, becoming awesome!