Intensive Black Belt Technique Programme

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Exclusive & Intensive 1-2-1 learning with full support This is an intensive blended learning programme designed specifically in helping you develop techniques working towards attaining a black belt in kickboxing. Whether you're a complete beginner or have been training in Kickboxing for some time but never actually have graded, this task by task programme will get you there. This isn't a 'McDojo' or a way of bypassing hard work and discipline, it's a simple, progressive format that allows you to develop the technique & movement (and subsequently fitness) faster with 1-2-1 and small group training. "Personal Training for accelerated learning" The time scale is a realistic one that is agreed on by you and your tutor/trainer within your first meeting (Lesson 1: Introduction) There are approximately 100 videos of kickboxing techniques ranging from basic hand techniques to jumping kicks and blocking / evading. The total course (of all the live days and videos) is broken down into the following modules: Beginner Intermediate Advanced With each scheduled meeting you are given the teaching points and execution cues for each technique in the upcoming module. You practice the technique and complete your task, upload a video of you performing that technique. How long this takes is dictated by you and your work ethic. The outlook on the course timings was a thought process that followed; if you were to attend a kickboxing club once per week for 3 years (the average time it takes someone to achieve a blackbelt), that's 156 training sessions where the focus of the instructor is split over 10 or more people in the class. We wanted to take those 156 sessions and squash them into an intense package that you can work through at your own pace with one:one guidance & tuition from a team of already established, registered Blackbelts. _____________________________________________


DBBC - Beginner Module


DBBC - Intermediate Module


DBBC - Advanced Module