About the Academy

Universal Training offers interactive, intensive, fast paced learning, for people wanting to get into the fitness industry, for Martial Artists, Fitness Professionals looking to further their knowledge and even Fitness Enthusiasts of the general public.

The thing that we do different to main stream providers is offer our courses either solely online on a one to one mentorship basis. Therefore, you will receive uninterrupted, exclusive tutorials and training sessions from our Highly Qualified trainers/tutors.

Aiming to provide & communicate relevant, accurate, meaningful information and highest quality training in relation to all aspects of Fitness, we offer the highest levels of support to students before, during and after training.  We’re proud of the quality of service and training that we deliver.

Many courses are loaded up with online videos, presentations, written assessments and video submission (practical assessment).  Anybody can enrol*

Whether it’s for helping you become a better Martial Artist or Martial Arts’ teacher/coach, improve your conditioning methods for your own students/clients or even your own sporting performance, we have something for you.

All of our CPD courses have a crossover between Improving Performance, Improving Conditioning or Improving your Teaching Methods. For example the Black Belt Programme is great for Teaching, Performance and Conditioning.

Improving your Teaching; Offers the tools & knowledge to pass on your learning to others. Great for Personal Trainers & Martial Arts instructors. CPD Courses include (but are not limited to):

Intensive Black Belt Technique Programme
Kickboxing Instructor Coaching Course
Kettlebell Instructor Course

Improving your / a client’s Performance; These courses & workshops take a look at the performance of an individual and offer strategies for improvement in a wholistic sense.  Courses in this area include (but not limited to):

Psychology of Fighting (for Competition) Course
Nutritional Strategies Course
Bio-Mechanics of Movement for Golf Course

Improving Conditioning; These are courses/workshops for anybody wishing to improve their fitness/ fitness aspect of their preferred sport. You will help them get stronger, gain lean muscle, strip weight & fat and improve power & flexibility.  Not for the feint hearted!  Courses include (but not limited to):

Kettlebell Instructor Course
Core Conditioning Instruction Course
Sandbag Instruction Course
Bodyweight Suspension Instruction Course
StrongMan (Unconventional) Training Instruction Course
Advanced Circuit Training Instruction Course 

* For the Kickboxing ICC, you must be over 18 years of age.

Our Approach

Universal Training Approach

Our approach to all of our students is one of full support and progression; each student receives one to one time with their tutor.  This support is not limited to the time they train with us, but continues after they graduate.  We ensure all our students have the best start to their career as possible, whether they choose to work for an established company or branch out on their own.

We want to ensure that our students not only receive exceptional training and full support during their learning journey, but that we continue our support and help them take the first step in building a successful new career.

Due to our special business partnerships with leading fitness website creators, fitness photographers, equipment manufacturers and leading fitness chains, we boast that we can help you excell in your first few months as a Personal Trainer.

Our personal trainer training courses are run solely online with a live assessment at the end where, one of our Assessors can visit you direct.