CPD Strong Man Training Instructor

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For any progressive Instructor or Personal Trainer, learning how to correctly use and programme with this type of training will be crucial for improving performance with your athletes or for delivering safe, effective and interesting PT sessions. Equipment includes Tyre, Sled, Barbell, Kettlebell, Suspension System, Ropes & Sledge Hammers This detailed course covers all of the key components to deliver safe and effective ‘Functional Strength’ training programmes with your clients, students or yourself. Unconventional or Strongman training as it’s becoming more known as, is the future of TRUE functional Training. Using all of the primal movement patterns (such as push, pull, squat etc) with non-standard equipment like ropes, chains, sleds etc. This course has been designed and developed with improving an individual’s functional performance in mind. Whether it’s their Functional Strength, Anaerobic Power, Anaerobic Conditioning or other facet of fitness, this course will help a crossover to a multitude of sports. ______________________________________________